How to reduce hair in layers (on short, medium and lengthy hair)

How to reduce hair in layers (on short, medium and lengthy hair)

The layered haircut is an exciting reduce and handy to maintain, so why no longer provide it a try? We exhibit to you how to do it in a nice viable way.


Cutting your hair at domestic is turning into greater and greater common. It is an alternative that saves time and cash and there are many hairstyles that can be finished at domestic by way of following a sequence of easy steps.

We have already viewed some hints to be aware of how to reduce the bangs and therefore store on hairdressing. Now we will see how to make a layered reduction in accordance with the kind of hair we have.

What is the layered haircut?

Layered or scaled hair is a fashion that performs with the association of the hair, taking benefit of the truth that the hair falls on the shoulders in layers to create shapes, which can be absolutely extraordinary in every case, because the stripping can be very refined or very intense, even on each facet of the head or uneven, stylish or crazy.

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The benefits of the layered haircut are manifold and vary from offering quantity to permitting straight hair to come to existence and movement, as nicely as being a very proper base to observe highlights or color gradients.

Short layered haircuts

In quick hair, the layers permit the hair to be shaped, higher body the face and dispose of extent whilst giving vitality, stopping the mane from searching like a helmet. The traditional reduce simply beneath the ears, for example, is an awful lot extra dependent with a mild stripping, considering the fact that it rounds the hair and adjusts it to the face, while a heavy raise can lead to a coiffure stimulated via punk, or even be the groundwork for an uneven reduce on each facet of the face. Everything is experimenting.

Medium size layered haircut

One of the most well-known spiky hair in the records of tv was once the one that Jennifer Aniston wore as Rachel in Friends, a medium size of hair layered from ear to shoulder and highlighted with mild highlights.

This reduction is pretty simple, and it is one of the most copied of the final decades, appropriate for each straight hair and wavy hair thanks to the truth that it keeps the sensation of extent in the higher phase of the head, however, frees the ends of weight.

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Long layered haircuts

In lengthy hair, there is a tendency in the direction of refined cuts that sincerely lighten the base of the mane, even though there are additionally notably exaggerated scales for lengthy hair, such as the one that continues all the hair on the pinnacle of the head and appreciably lightens the layers from the temples, accomplishing a short-haired experience from which a skinny layer of lengthy hair protrudes.

How to perform the layered haircut

Next, we will exhibit the two approaches to do a layered haircut: the layered reduction with a ponytail and the "manual" layered cut.

Quick layered reduce with a ponytail

It is the best way to make a scaled cut. It is an uneven cut, however exactly the layers are a top choice to disguise these sorts of irregularities, so do no longer worry.

To do it you need:

A fine-toothed comb

Some hair scissors

A rubber band for the hair


The steps to observe are those:

Tie all of your hair into a ponytail at the pinnacle of your head. The nearer to the nape the ponytail is made, the shorter the hair will be and the longer the layers will be, whilst if you prefer a lengthy reduce however with many shorter layers, you must deliver the ponytail nearer to the forehead. Unless you prefer a very, very intense cut, do now not make the ponytail simply above the forehead, area it at least at the best possible factor of the head.

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Bring your hair ahead: if you can, make it in the front of your face so you can see how to reduce If you can't, stand in front of a mirror.

Make a straight reduce: you can reduce simply a few centimeters, as if you have been cleansing the ends, or reduce various fingers, relying on whether or not you desire to shorten the mane or not.

If you comprehend how to use scissors, you can make perpendicular cuts to spotlight the layers.

Release the ponytail and comb as you typically do: when you put the hair you will see that the specific layers are getting shorter and shorter.

Layering "manual"

If you desire a greater expert finish, you will have to do it as in the hairdresser, that is, you will want every other man or woman to reduce your hair. For this you will need:

A fine-tipped comb

Some hair scissors

Hair clips

In this case, you have to begin with freshly washed hair and observe the following steps:

Dry the hair with a towel and divide it into two parts, with the line the place you normally take it .

Gather all the hair at the crown, leaving solely one layer (the decrease one) loose.

Trim the suggestions of this preliminary layer.

Drop a 2d layer and reduce the ends and a little more.

Repeat the operation following the layers up to the crown.

The method is usually the same, even though it can be tailored to one-of-a-kind slicing stages:

The extra you enlarge the quantity of hair reduction in every layer, the higher the scaling effect.

If you desire a delicate effect, the layers have to be very skinny, whilst thicker layers of hair will end result in a coarser scale.

The layers can be straight or not. The shorter the hair, the greater flattering an irregular scale will be, even though if it is very irregular it is really helpful to contact it up a bit to make it appear extra professional.

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