How to be beautiful every day without makeup?

How to be beautiful every day without makeup?


There is a way of life that helps to eliminate mood. The dream of most girls is natural beauty. Admittedly, many want to wake up and not work for a few hours before the mirror, which controls the specific method of using coating and sanding. Do you think this is not possible? Don’t you think you don’t like to decorate yourself? You are stupid! You will talk about how you can create a stylish and comfortable look without spending too much time on it. In this article, you will learn how to look good and stylish, phone at the dressing table in less time.

How to look good without makeup?

First, you really need to change your lifestyle. Yes, it should not be easy, but if you drink alcohol you should avoid it. Try to get plenty of sleep. Your sleep should be at least eight hours a day. The amount of water is less than 1.5 liters per day. In this case, the main part of the diet should be eaten in the first half of our diet.

We pay close attention to what you eat. If possible, eliminate flour, broth, salt, water and fat from your diet (redfish). The whole list is about the function of the liver, stomach, and pancreas, which will be explained later not only by your function and immune system but also by the skin. With any budget, don’t be surprised if you have acne, acne, and acne scarring.

Therefore, try to reduce these dishes and move on to a healthy diet. During the day eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Add greens (parsley, dill, green onions) to cooking. Food to eat (for example, chicken, rabbits). Once a week, schedule a fish day, because the people of the sea contain iodine, amino acids and water-soluble fats, you can not forget about beautiful hair, hair and skin.

If coffee is bad or bad, it can affect the functioning of the heart and blood pressure, but it can also damage your teeth. It is better to replace coffee with green tea, it is less effective and less expensive.

Don’t forget to pay. Morning work should be done. Physical activity does not make you look good, but it does pollute the body and health and is another to natural beauty.

How to look beautiful without makeup?

For the beauty and innovation that allows us to live life, it has been said now and now to consider other beauty options for beauty.

The first thing that catches your eye when you meet someone is their video mirror. Therefore, try visiting a dentist to remove tartar and plaque. Daily dental treatment in the morning and evening is the norm for practice. The second most important thing that shows a girl is her hair. The hair follicles may not look like the head, but the hair is clean and lay flat. If you are the owner of light hair and curly hair, it is best to create a ponytail with a puffy tail.

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Now, let’s talk about the screen. Hairstyles do not make you a young Caucasian, so try to give them a beautiful look with viewers. Twice a week, it creates a rash, not only creating youthful vigor but also freeing the skin from dead cells and improving blood flow. 

If Nature Mother has not paid you to have proud eyes, and everyday bricks that do not please you, it is recommended that you do the eyes of the follower. This process allows 2-3 years to forget about eyeliner and eyeliner.

Hands and feet. As the saying goes for retailers, this is a woman’s phone card. Therefore, special attention is paid to nails. Generally, one week a week to work as an immigrant. If there is no difference or your work may not be in a hurry to destroy the application skin, we recommend doing the right thing. On the beautiful girl of the wardrobe there is always a nice shade of shade. Believe me, no lot of cheeks and beautiful eyes will fix your opinion of you if there is a layer of dirt under your wings.

So, the last thing a good girl does is check out her original plants. The shirts and skirts are a green girl. Information about how “in the winter it gets warmer” or whether or not a “person” is acceptable. First of all we try it, because we don’t like it, we probably don’t want anyone else. Have fun and love yourself!


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